Functional Genomics

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Chris Petzold

Director of Functional Genomics and Deputy VP of Technology

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Edward Baidoo

Deputy Director of Functional Genomics

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Jennifer Gin

Senior Research Associate

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Yan Chen

Project Scientist

The Functional Genomics group develops and utilizes state of the art mass spectrometry methods to provide metabolite and protein characterization for JBEI research. This work includes identification of novel biomass-degrading enzymes from compost samples for the Deconstruction division, characterization of the cytosolic and organelle proteomes for the Feedstocks division, and quantification of key metabolites and proteins in engineered microbes for the Biofuels and Bioproducts division. Research in the Functional Genomics Group focuses on developing methods that speed iterations of the metabolic engineering cycle (design, build, test, learn) and help characterize biomass and biomass deconstruction.


  • Develop metabolomic and proteomic methods for synthetic biology applications.
  • Implement quantitative analytical methods for metabolites and proteins of interest to the Feedstocks, Deconstruction, and Biofuels and Bioproducts Divisions.

A Skyline-based workflow for rapid development of high-throughput quantitative proteomic assays, 2016 User Group Meeting at ASMS


Webinar: Jet Stream Proteomics – Enabling Standard Flow Chromatography for Robust Discovery Proteomics

Separation Science

Starting a New Metabolic Path: JBEI and Berkeley Lab Researchers Develop Technique to Help Metabolic Engineering

Schematic of targeted proteomics technique in which a peptide mass and a specific fragment mass are selected for SRM mass spectrometry analysis to identify and quantify a target protein. (Image from Christopher Petzold)

A targeted proteomics toolkit for high-throughput absolute quantification of Escherichia coli proteins

An overview schematic of the SRM toolkit method development.

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