Issued Patents

JBEI has an expanding patent portfolio of US and global patent applications, leading to an increasing number of issued patents.  To date, the following patents have been issued:

 IP NumberCountryIP TitleInventorsLBNL Ref.
17985567USHost Cells and Methods for Producing 3-Methyl-2-buten-1-ol, 3-Methyl-3-buten-1-ol, and 3-Methyl-butan-1-olHoward H. Chou and Jay Keasling2392-01
28420833USProducing Biofuels Using Polyketide SynthasesJeffrey L. Fortman, Leonard Katz and Jay Keasling2540-01
38569023USProducing Dicarboxylic Acids Using Polyketide SynthasesJeffrey L. Fortman, Leonard Katz and Jay Keasling 2541-01
48552169USTranscription factor-based biosensor Jeffrey Dietrich and Jay Keasling2710-01
58790542USNovel compositions and methods useful for ionic liquid treatment of biomass, InvDean C. Dibble, Aurelia A.Cheng and Anthe George2729-01
68652804USTranscription factor-based biosensors for detecting dicarboxylic acids Jeffrey Dietrich and Jay Keasling2982-01
79040282USProducing Dicarboxylic Acids Using Polyketide Synthases,Jeffrey L. Fortman, Leonard Katz and Jay Keasling 2541-08
88852902USProducing a Trimethylpentanoic Acid Using Hybrid Polyketide SynthasesJeffrey L. Fortman, Leonard Katz and Jay Keasling2825-01
99109175USIsoprenoid Based Alternative Diesel FuelJay Keasling, Taek Soon Lee and Pamela Patricia Peralta-Yahya 2837-01
109157130USRecovery of Sugars from Ionic Liquid Biomass Liquor by Solvent ExtractionHarvey W. Blanch, Bradley Holmes, Timothy Brennan and Blake A. Simmons2750-01
119200298USHost Cells and Methods for Producing Isoprenyl AlkanoatesTaek Soon Lee, Jeffrey L. Fortman and Jay Keasling2391-01
129290768USEngineered Microorganisms Having Resistance to Ionic LiquidsMichael Thelen and Thomas L. Ruegg3127-02
139322042USThermophilic Cellulases Compatible with Ionic Liquid Pretreatment for Simultaneous Pretreatment and Saccharification of Cellulosic BiomassHarvey W. Blanch, Rajat Sapra, Bradley Holmes, Zhiwei Chen, Supratim Datta and Blake A. Simmons2666-01
149334514USHybrid Polyketide SynthasesJeffrey Fortman, Leonard Katz, Jay Keasling, Sean Poust, Jingwei Zhang and Sergey Zotchev2820-01
159376691USFusion Proteins Useful for Producing PinenePamela Patricia Peralta-Yahya and Jay Keasling 2895-03
169361427USScar-Less Multi-Part DNA Assembly Design AutomationNathan J. Hillson 2928-01
179376728US Useful halophilic, thermostable and ionic liquids tolerant cellulasesTao Zhang, Supratim Datta, Edward M. Rubin and Blake A. Simmons3028-02
189382553USHost Cells and Methods for Producing 1-Deoxyxylulose 5-phosphate (DXP) and/or a DXP Derived CompoundJames Kirby, Jeffrey L Fortman, Minobu Nishimoto and Jay Keasling 3006-01
199403915USCompositions and methods useful for ionic liquid treatment of biomassDean C. Dibble, Aurelia Cheng and Anthe George2729-03
209428726USModified Host Cells with Efflux PumpsJay Keasling, Aindrila Mukhopadhyay and Mary J Dunlop2845-01