JBEI is located in the Bay Area biotech hub in the City of Emeryville and housed in the EmeryStation East building between Powell and 59th Streets.

The front of the building faces Hollis Street and the rear of the building faces Peladeau Street.

Visitor Information:

As of March 2020 – onsite tours have been suspended. All guests taking tours of the laboratories at JBEI must wear long pants and closed toe shoes per DOE requirements.


The entrance to the building is not on street level. From Hollis Street, take a short flight of stairs up to enter the first floor lobby.

All non-JBEI employees are required to sign in at the First Floor lobby security desk. After signing in, the security guard will escort you to the elevator and provide access to JBEI’s fourth floor lobby.

Tour requests:

Onsite tours are currently not available. Please contact Sara Harmon at [email protected] if you are interested in a virtual tour.

Driving Directions

Public Transportation