Accelerating industrial development of emerging cellulosic biofuels and renewable chemicals is critical to JBEI’s mission.

JBEI collaborates with industry and offers a portfolio of intellectual property for licensing. Engaging in an ongoing dialogue with a broad range of companies ensures that research is informed by current industry challenges and more readily commercialized.

The Director of Commercialization serves as a single point of contact for all industry interactions and has authority to implement agreements for all of JBEI’s institutional members.

This streamlined approach, coupled with JBEI’s culture of innovation, has resulted in invention disclosure productivity per funding dollar that is three to four times higher than the national average, exceeding that of most top US universities.

JBEI’s network of corporate collaborators and licensees comprises approximately 50 companies, with six spin-off start-ups to date.

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Issued Patents

JBEI has an expanding patent portfolio of US and global patent applications, leading to an increasing number of issued patents.

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Other Ways to Partner

Grant proposals, visiting scientists, Strategic Partnership Program projects, the JBEI TechnoEconomic Model, and sharing information and materials.

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JBEI Startups

Five start-up companies have spun out of JBEI’s productive and entrepreneurial climate to date.

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JBEI Industry Engagement

JBEI engages with Industry through collaborations, licensing, and industry representation on the JBEI Advisory Committee and Targets Council.

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Sponsoring Research

JBEI offers collaborating companies access to world-class scientific expertise, capabilities and infrastructure to accelerate innovation and time to market.

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Inventions for Licensing

JBEI has produced a broad portfolio of intellectual property in feedstocks, biomass deconstruction, fuel synthesis, bio-based products and enabling technologies.