We hire through many of our partner organizations to work for JBEI.  Positions may be based in Emeryville or at a partner facility in other cities and states.

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Postdoctoral positions in the O’Malley Laboratory at UC Santa Barbara (added 6/13/22)

Several postdoctoral positions are available in Prof. Michelle O’Malley’s laboratory in the Departments of Chemical Engineering and Biological Engineering at UC-Santa Barbara. The O’Malley lab is an interdisciplinary group that works to solve grand challenges in sustainability, ecology, and medicine by deciphering how “weird” microbes in the environment perform extraordinary tasks. By understanding natural microbial systems, we build new technologies rooted in systems and synthetic biology to exploit them – in this way, the laboratory is well poised to pursue basic science discovery as well as engineering applications. Current efforts include isolating and genetically engineering unusual microbes for biotechnology, synthesizing novel enzyme complexes, engineering microbial consortia for bioproduction, and accelerating antibiotic discovery from non-model microbes.

Postdoctoral scholars in the lab benefit from the well-known collaborative research culture at UCSB, which also provides valuable training opportunities in professional development as well as teaching. Previous experience with molecular biology, microbial cell culture, next-generation sequencing, and bioinformatics are desirable though not strictly required.

Interested applicants should contact Prof. O’Malley with a cover letter and CV at [email protected]

UCSB is home to several collaborative research centers including the California NanoSystems Institute (CNSI), the Institute for Collaborative Biotechnologies (ICB), the BioPACIFIC Materials Innovation Platform, and the Materials Research Laboratory (MRL). The Department of Chemical Engineering at UCSB is consistently ranked as a top program by the National Research Council and US News and World Report. The University of California is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.


When you choose a career at Berkeley Lab you become a part of a thriving national laboratory renowned for performing cutting-edge scientific research in a variety of fields.

You also join a collaborative community.

The Joint BioEnergy Institute (JBEI) has recruited a multi-disciplinary team of the best and brightest researchers who combine their expertise, skills and exchange ideas to accelerate the process of discovery.

JBEI’s culture represents a departure from traditional research institutions. Here you’ll find:

  • An entrepreneurial environment that acts as bioscience incubator
  • A dynamic culture that maximizes collaboration to accelerate research
  • Motivated people who work together to optimize opportunities for success

JBEI is a Equal Opportunity Employer with a commitment to workforce diversity.