JBEI Industry Engagement

JBEI engages with Industry through collaborations, licensing, and industry representation on the JBEI Advisory Committee and Targets Council.

Industry R&D collaborations enable JBEI and industry scientists to collectively address critical issues of bringing new technologies for bio-based fuels and chemicals into commercial use. Patent and copyright licenses provide companies with access to JBEI intellectual property to commercialize these technologies.

In addition to collaborations and licenses, JBEI obtains valued input regarding research objectives from Industry membership on its Advisory Committee and Targets Council.

“The JBEI Advisory Committee meets annually to review JBEI’s general scientific progress, programmatic research objectives, and technology commercialization.

The newly formed JBEI Targets Council assembles leading Industry and Academic thought leaders to advise on specific molecules and technologies that represent impactful contributions to advancing bio-based fuels and chemicals.

Selected corporate collaborators, licensees, and/or members of JBEI’s Advisory Committee and Targets Council include:


Aemetis, INC. is an advanced renewable fuels and biochemicals company focused on the production of advanced fuels and chemicals through the acquisition, development and commercialization of innovative technologies that replace traditional petroleum-based products by conversion of first-generation ethanol and biodiesel plants into advanced Biorefineries. Founded in 2006, Aemetis owns and operates a 60 million gallon per year capacity ethanol and animal feed production facility in Keyes, California, as well as a 50 million gallon per year capacity renewable chemical and advanced fuel production facility on the East Coast of India producing high quality, distilled biodiesel and refined glycerin for customers in Europe and Asia. Website: http://www.aemetis.com//home


Afingen was founded in 2012 to develop and commercialize emerging synthetic biology technologies expected to have enormous impact on economics and environmental sustainability through new biological products and improved biological capabilities. Afingen focuses on host eukaryotic organisms (plants, fungi, and yeast) to improve yield and composition of commercially attractive products. Website: www.AFINGEN.org

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Agilent Technologies is a leader in life sciences, diagnostics and applied chemical markets. The company provides laboratories worldwide with instruments, services, consumables, applications and expertise, enabling customers to gain the insights they seek. Agilent focuses its expertise on the six key markets Food, Environmental & Forensics, Pharmaceuticals, Diagnostics, Chemical & Energy and Research where the company helps its customers achieve their goals. Agilent’s broad portfolio of molecular biology tools, analytical solutions, bioinformatics and automation enables labs with synthetic biology workflows in Industrial Biotechnology and Biopharma at every step along the design, build, test, improve cycle as well as in bioprocess development and monitoring. Website: http://www.agilent.com/home


Amyris is an integrated renewable products company that is enabling the world’s leading brands to achieve sustainable growth. Amyris applies its innovative bioscience solutions to convert plant sugars into hydrocarbon molecules, specialty ingredients and consumer products. The company is delivering its No Compromise® products in focused markets, including specialty and performance chemicals, fragrance ingredients, and cosmetic emollients. We genetically modify microorganisms, primarily yeast, and use them as living factories in established fermentation processes to convert plant-sourced sugars into potentially thousands of target molecules. Website: https://amyris.com/


Boeing is a multinational aerospace and defense corporation. It is comprised of multiple business units, which are Boeing Commercial Airplanes, Boeing Defense, Space and Security; Engineering, Operations & Technology; Boeing Capital; and Boeing Shared Services Group. Website: http://www.boeing.com/


CAAFI The Commercial Aviation Alternative Fuels Initiative (CAAFI) seeks to enhance energy security and environmental sustainability for aviation through alternative jet fuels. CAAFI is a coalition that focuses the efforts of commercial aviation to engage the emerging alternative fuels industry. It enables its diverse participants – representing all the leading stakeholders in the field of aviation – to build relationships, share and collect data, identify resources, and direct research, development and deployment of alternative jet fuels. Website: http://www.caafi.org/


Compact Membrane Systems turns chemistry into sustainability, helping the world’s leading industries and operations increase uptime, reduce energy consumption, raise yield, and reduce waste with a suite of membrane separation technologies applied to dissolved gas sensing, dehydration, solvent recovery, and olefin/paraffin and aggressive chemical separations. Website: https://compactmembrane.com/


Dupont – Industrial Biosciences is a global leader in industrial biotechnology. It develops and markets enzymes and other renewably sourced bio-solutions to help industry become more sustainable. Dupont is a science-based products and services company offering a wide range of innovative products that serve markets as diverse as agriculture, nutrition, electronics and communications, safety and protection, home and construction, transportation and apparel. Website: http://www.dupont.com/


Ecovia’s mission is to engineer microbial co-cultures that enable more efficient, cost-effective routes for producing a variety of biofuels, bulk biochemicals, and specialty biochemicals compared to conventional mono-culture fermentation. Ecovia designs, constructs and modulates synthetic microbial ecosystems to develop viable commercialization pathways that save costs and enable greater flexibility for production of high-performance platform molecules. Website: http://www.ecoviarenewables.com/


Elevance Renewable Sciences, Inc. Headquartered in Woodridge, Ill., Elevance Renewable Sciences, Inc. creates novel, high-performing specialty chemicals from renewable feedstocks using a proprietary Nobel Prize-winning technology called olefin metathesis. These chemical building blocks are leveraged in a wide range of applications, including detergents, coatings, personal care, oil field, agriculture chemicals and engineered polymers. Elevance uses a collaborative business model, exploring opportunities to engage with industry leaders, accelerating time to market and leveraging market expertise while enabling its partners to achieve growth through sustainable and higher performing solutions. Website: http://www.elevance.com/


Evolva uses biosynthetic and evolutionary technologies to create and optimize small molecule compounds and their production routes. Website: http://www.evolva.com/


Forage Genetics International (FGI) is devoted solely to forage crops. For over 25 years FGI has provided the forage industry with genetic discoveries, variety developments and cutting-edge technologies. They were first-to-market with varieties improving winterhardiness, yield potential, performance and protection against pests. Website: https://www.foragegenetics.com/


FuturaGene is a leader in plant genetic research and development for the global forestry, biopower and biofuel markets. It develops sustainable, ecologically sound technology to meet the ever increasing demands for fiber, fuel and energy crops in the face of declining land and water resources. Website: http://www.futuragene.com/


General Motors is a multinational automotive corporation designing, building and selling Buick, Cadillac, GMC, and Chevrolet vehicles. GM continues to develop innovative technologies to shape the future of the automotive industry. Website: http://www.gm.com/


Genomatica delivers new manufacturing processes that enable its partners to produce the world’s most widely-used chemicals from renewable feedstocks, with better economics and greater sustainability than petroleum-based processes.Website: http://www.genomatica.com/


GC3 The Green Chemistry & Commerce Council (GC3) is a cross sectoral, business-to-business network of companies and other organizations working collaboratively to advance green chemistry across sectors and supply chains. GC3 develops and promotes tools, policies and business practices to drive green chemistry throughout supply chains, fosters collaboration among businesses, government, non-governmental organizations, and academic researchers, and identifies and leverages enablers of green chemistry adoption. Website: http://www.greenchemistryandcommerce.org/


Illium Technologies produces ionic liquid solvents from lignin. The ionic liquids can be used for biomass pretreatment to produce cellulose and/or glucose for biomanufacturing. Illium was formed to commercialize JBEI technology for the synthesis of ionic liquids from lignin. Website: http://www.illiumtech.com/index.html


Lygos produces “bio-advantaged” chemicals, where petrochemistry cannot compete with biochemistry. Lygos is currently commercializing its first product, malonic acid, and its platform for synthetic biology is being exploited to develop a number of pipelined products. In 2015, Lygos was nominated by QB3 as Synthetic Biology Startup of the Year. Follow: @LygosBiotech. Website: http://lygos.com//


LanzaTech is revolutionizing the way the world thinks about waste carbon by treating it as an opportunity instead of a liability. LanzaTech’s novel gas-to-liquid technology has opened up vast new sources for making low-carbon chemicals and fuels that displace petroleum without the environmental concerns associated with crop- and land-based bioproducts. LanzaTech’s bioprocessing platform offers an economically robust route to carbon capture and re-use enabling the monetization of local gas sources with minimal capital investment, giving off-grid communities access to clean, cost competitive and reliable energy. Website: http://www.lanzatech.com/


Monsanto is a leading agricultural technology company committed to innovation, focused on working with farmers to help them produce more with fewer natural resources. Website: http://www.monsanto.com/


Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division, China Lake, California (NAWCWD) scientists and engineers produce and develop products in renewable energy technologies, including renewable fuels and composites, energy storage and remote power generation. NAWCWD remains at the forefront of alternative energy technology development, including engineering renewable high density fuels that have energy densities up to 20 percent higher than conventional military jet fuels. Website: http://www.cnic.navy.mil


Novozymes produces industrial enzymes, microorganisms, biopolymers and other proteins that allow customers to achieve more efficient use of raw materials, reduce energy consumption, replace traditional chemicals with more sustainable alternatives, and offer higher-quality products. Website: http://www.novozymes.com/


POET one of the world’s largest ethanol producers, is a leader in biorefining through its efficient, vertically integrated approach to production. The 28-year-old company has a production capacity in excess of 1.7 billion gallons of ethanol and 9 billion pounds of high-protein animal feed annually from its network of 27 production facilities. POET, through its joint venture with DSM, also operates a commercial-scale cellulosic ethanol plant in Emmetsburg, Iowa. Website: http://www.poet.com/


Polyone At PolyOne, our business is structured to provide your operations with the specialized polymer materials, services and solutions you need. We are a premier provider of specialty polymer formulations, color and additive systems, polymer distribution, and packaging solutions such as plastic sheet and thermoformed shapes. Website: http://www.polyone.com/

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Proionic offers an integrated portfolio of ionic liquid products and services. Proionic develops, produces and sells ionic liquids and their formulations in the multi-ton range, making it one of the largest volume producers worldwide. It develops, engineers and sells new, future-oriented applications, technologies and processes for ionic liquids. It is part of the VTU Group, a leading engineering company that develops, engineers and supplies processes and processing plants for the pharmaceutical, biotechnological, chemical, oil & gas, bioenergy and power industries. Website: http://www.proionic.at/en/


Riffyn provides cloud-based software to help laboratory researchers visually design, analyze and collaborate on experiments with uncompromising quality and surprising ease. The software automatically contextualizes and analyzes data in realtime, and adapts its analytics to users’ design changes – giving organizations the flexibility to continuously evolve their ideas and methods. Riffyn streamlines research discovery, the transition to clinical trials, and scale-up to manufacturing in life science and chemical R&D Website: http://riffyn.com/


Scienomics provides the most scientifically and technologically advanced materials simulation software and services for molecular modeling in materials science. Scienomics technology is offered as a series of software plugins within its MAPS platform for building, simulating and analyzing complex materials. This is a powerful and extendable simulation environment that accesses all major simulation engines and methods in quantum, classical, mesoscale, thermodynamics and statistical domains. MAPS enables researchers to build realistic molecular models of the systems of interest and simulate key properties and processes. Website: http://scienomics.com/products/molecular-modeling-platform


Technology Holding is a research and development company with a focus on energy and environmental solutions. Researchers at Technology Holding are actively engaged in solving transformative problems for the government and commercial clients. Website: http://www.tekholding.com/


TeselaGen Biotechnology, Inc. is developing a fully integrated solution for synthetic biology. Their DNA design and assembly platform provides the most advanced Bio CAD/CAM system available and makes genetic engineering cheaper and faster. Since 2012, TeselaGen has had an exclusive license to distribute JBEI’s j5 and Device Editor software for DNA assembly to commercial users. Website: http://www.teselagen.com/


TOTAL is a multinational integrated oil and gas company. Their business covers the entire oil and gas chain, from crude oil and natural gas exploration and production to power generation, transportation, refining, petroleum product marketing, and international crude oil and product trading. Website: http://www.total.com/en/