JBEI Industry Engagement

JBEI engages with Industry through collaborations, licensing, and industry representation on the JBEI Advisory Committee and Targets Council.

Industry R&D collaborations enable JBEI and industry scientists to collectively address critical issues of bringing new technologies for bio-based fuels and chemicals into commercial use. Patent and copyright licenses provide companies with access to JBEI intellectual property to commercialize these technologies.

In addition to collaborations and licenses, JBEI obtains valued input regarding research objectives from Industry membership on its Advisory Committee and Targets Council.

“The JBEI Advisory Committee meets annually to review JBEI’s general scientific progress, programmatic research objectives, and technology commercialization.

The JBEI Targets Council assembles leading Industry and Academic thought leaders to advise on specific molecules and technologies that represent impactful contributions to advancing bio-based fuels and chemicals.