JBEI functions as an incubator for scientific discovery bringing together the best and brightest researchers from around the country and the globe.

Inside JBEI’s Emeryville laboratories, five interlocking scientific divisions–Life-cycle, Economics and Agronomy; Feedstocks; Deconstruction; Biofuels and Bioproducts; and Technology–bring the sunlight-to-biofuels/bioproducts pipeline under one roof.

JBEI represents a departure from traditional research institutions that specialize in a single field. Here, an inter-disciplinary team of some 160-plus scientists, post doctoral researchers and graduate students combine their expertise and collaborate to develop genetic, biological, computational and robotic technologies to accelerate the process of discovery.

Modeled after high-performing biotech start-ups, JBEI’s entrepreneurial culture drives innovation. At JBEI, talented, motivated scientists and operations staff members pool their knowledge, skills and abilities to advance science for public good.

Unique competitive advantages:

  • An integrated research team collaborating to deliver high-risk, high-return breakthroughs in advanced biofuels production.
  • A powerful multi-institutional partnership supports JBEI with combined scientific, operational and administrative expertise: DOE, LBNL, SNL, BNL, PPNL, LLNL, UCB, UCD, UCSB, UCSD, UCANR, ISU.
  • Located in the Bay Area academic/biotech research hub