Inventions for Licensing

By agreement of all JBEI Partners, Berkeley Lab manages intellectual property and is responsible for collaborative research and licensing agreements to commercialize JBEI technology. Rather than requiring a corporate research sponsor or licensee to negotiate separate agreements with multiple JBEI Partners, this approach enables companies to work with with just one party to access technology developed by the complete suite of JBEI Partners. Companies can more readily access scientific talents and technology developments from four national laboratories, two universities and a private non-profit research institute directed towards making economically competitive bio-based fuels and chemicals.

JBEI’s innovative culture and cutting-edge advances have resulted in a growing portfolio of intellectual property that is available for licensing. A brief summary of JBEI/Berkeley Lab licensing practices is available here. For additional information on JBEI technologies, and to receive notification of future JBEI inventions, please either complete this online form or contact Robin Johnston at 510-486-5947.


Profiles of Current Technologies Available for Licensing and Collaboration

Please refer to the list of technologies below for licensing and research collaboration availability. If you can’t find the technology you’re interested in, please contact us at

Recently Added New

Biomass to High Value Products



Fuel Synthesis

Technologies and Software