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Brewing Hoppy Beer Without the Hops

JBEI researchers contribute to engineering industrial brewing yeast that creates more hoppy flavor in beer.

Something's Brewing in the Lab: Beer Without Hops, New York Times  

New York Times covered research conducted at JBEI which has resulted in the bioengineering of industrial brewing yeast that creates more hoppy flavor in beer. 

JBEI Hosts Antioch High School Students for Mock Interviews

The students are part of the Biotech Partners program

Crystallization Screen Created by JBEI Scientists Reaches the Market

The open source crystallization screen is available to the public.

TEDx Talk by JBEI's CSTO Blake Simmons Now Available

The talk is entitled "A World Without Limits through Biomanufacturing of Carbon".

DOE Under Secretary for Science Paul Dabbar Visits JBEI

Dabbar learned about JBEI's renewed mission

All in the Family: Focused Genomic Comparisons

Genus-wide Aspergillus project by JGI and JBEI highlights new functional genome annotation methods.

JBEI Partners with LanzaTech in New DOE Technology Commercialization Fund Grant

JBEI’s microfluidics capabilities will be used to carry out large number of biochemical experiments.

Berkeley Lab researchers demonstrate importance of microbial communities for enzyme stability, Biofuels Digest

Biofuels Digest covered the recent study released by JBEI demonstrates the importance of microbial communities as a source of stable enzymes that could be used to convert plants to biofuels.

To Find New Biofuel Enzymes, It Can Take a Microbial Village

JBEI-led study unveils new source of robust cellulases in compost