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Study speeds transformation of biofuel waste into useful chemicals,

JBEI's Feedstocks Division collaborated with Sandia National Laboratories in a study that looked into efficient ways to turn discarded plant matter into chemicals. 

Genome Research Challenges Previous Understanding of the Origin of Photosynthesis

JBEI researcher debunks speculation that anoxygenic photosynthesis evolved in Chloroflexi

JBEI Researchers Improve Membrane Protein Expression And Function Using Genomic Edits

A systematic approach to generate superior host strains for strain engineering

Congratulations to JBEI’s Berkeley Lab Director’s Award Recipients

Irina Silva and Patrick Shih will be honored on November 30.

Director of the CA Governor's Office of Business Visits JBEI

Panorea Avdis, GO Biz's Director learned about the institute's contributions to the bioeconomy

JBEI promotes bioenergy at 2017 Solano Stroll

Volunteers interact with local community

Congressman Randy Hultgren Visits JBEI

Hultgren is co-founder and leading member of the Science and National Labs Caucus.

JBEI contributes to study that reveals how oxygen-deprived protein loosely binds to a mineral

The institute’s mass spectrometry capabilities were used to analyze chemical snapshots

iCLEM Celebrates 10th Anniversary

JBEI’s microbiology program provides hands-on experience for high potential, low-income high school students

How to keep America the world leader in science and technology, The Hill

Opinion piece on how U.S. leadership in the technology of biology presents the nation with tremendous opportunity to build the world’s preeminent bioeconomy, mentions the leading efforts of the Joint BioEnergy Institute in the development of advanced biofuels and bioproducts.