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Scientists discover how to protect yeast from damage in biofuel production

New study by JBEI and GLBRC identified changes to a gene that can make yeast tolerate the pretreatment chemicals.

JBEI Hosts National Student Leadership Conference

JBEI and NSLC have been partnering for the past five years.

The highly complex sugarcane genome has finally been sequenced

JBEI was one of the partners in this work led by CIRAD.

Mortimer Participates at AAAS Forum on Science & Technology Policy

The scientist spoke about the World Economic Forum’s Young Scientists Code of Ethics.

Student disruptors invent new way to synthesise DNA, Cosmos

DNA synthesis breakthrough by Sebastian Palluk and Daniel Arlow, JBEI graduate students, was covered by Cosmos. 

New technique could help scientists create a gene in just 1 day, Science Magazine

Science Magazine covered JBEI's new breakthrough discovery in the realm of DNA synthesis by Dan Arlow and Sebastian Palluk, graduate students being mentored by JBEI's CEO Jay Keasling. 

Faster, Cheaper, Better: A New Way to Synthesize DNA

Breakthrough discovery at the Joint BioEnergy Institute could greatly accelerate the pace of science

Machine learning to simplify development of new biorefining processes, Biofuels International

Biofuels International covered JBEI's new paper "Machine learning to simplify development of new biorefining processes" published in published in npj Systems Biology and Applications.

Teaching machines to design cells for us

JBEI's Garcia Martin blogged about his new paper published in npj Systems Biology and Applications.

New Machine Learning Approach Could Accelerate Bioengineering

JBEI scientists use technique to automatically predict the amount of biofuel produced by microbes