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JBEI Participates at East Bay STEM Career Awareness Day

The event was aimed at 300 high school students from the East Bay.

New Science Study Provides Further Insight Into Plant Cell Division

Study provides further insight into the actual mechanics of cell division in plants.

US researchers discover enzyme to help turn biofuel waste ‘into something useful’, Biofuels International

Biofuels International covered the discovery of a new enzyme at JBEI that helps convert aryl compounds, a common waste product from industrial and agricultural practices, into something of value.

Could This Enzyme Help Turn Biofuel Waste into Something Useful?

Joint BioEnergy Institute study targets LigM for its role in breaking down aromatic pollutants.

JBEI Paper Awarded ‘Publication of the Year’ by the Journal of Biological Engineering

The paper presents a end-to-end automated microfluidic platform for the synthetic biology research cycle.

Women's History Month: Breaking Away from the Mold to Establish Your Own Success Path

JBEI celebrates the talented research scientist Ee-Ben Goh.

JBEI and ABPDU Raise Food and Funds for Local Food Bank

The contribution was made to the Alameda County Community Food Bank.

Enzyme shows promise for efficiently converting plant biomass to biofuels, reports on JBEI finding from the Microbial Communities Group.

Brewing up Breakthroughs, Create Magazine

JBEI's CEO Jay Keasling was interviewed by Create, Engineers Australia's Magazine. In this article Keasling discusses how synthetic biology is being used to tackle major global challenges.

New Cas9-based Toolkit Eases Obstacles in Genetic Engineering

JBEI develops new synthetic biology tools for engineering Saccharomyces cerevisiae.