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Turning the Switch on Biofuels

LLNL scientists and collaborators at JBEI have identified a molecular mechanism in bacteria that can be manipulated to promote imidazolium ionic liquid tolerance.

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Researchers build a genetic profile for a section of Aspergillus fungi

A team led by scientists at the Technical University of Denmark, the JGI, and JBEI present the results in Nature Genetics.

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All Aboard the Jungle Express!

JBEI researchers pave the way for efficient gene expression at any scale.

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JBEI Pretreatment and Process Development Team Honored by Secretary of Energy

The award recognizes the contributions of Department of Energy employees to the mission of the Department and to the benefit of the United States.

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Scientists discover how to protect yeast from damage in biofuel production

New study by JBEI and GLBRC identified changes to a gene that can make yeast tolerate the pretreatment chemicals.

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The highly complex sugarcane genome has finally been sequenced

JBEI was one of the partners in this work led by CIRAD.

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All in the Family: Focused Genomic Comparisons

Genus-wide Aspergillus project by JGI and JBEI highlights new functional genome annotation methods.

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To Find New Biofuel Enzymes, It Can Take a Microbial Village

JBEI-led study unveils new source of robust cellulases in compost

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