Phylogenetic guided discovery of [C2C1Im][OAc]-tolerant GH1 family enzymes

gh1iltolerancebarsHeins et al. (Heins et al.): Activity of thermophilic GH1s in [C2C1Im][OAc]. (a) Specific activities of thermophilic GH1s toward cellobiose after a 24-h preincubation at 70 °C in the presence (orange) or absence (black) of 20% (v/v) [C2C1Im][OAc]. Text labels refer to the accession numbers for the tested enzymes. (b) Glucose and cellobiose release from [C2C1Im][OAc]-pretreated switchgrass after 24 h saccharification at 70 °C and 20% (v/v) [C2C1Im][OAc] in the presence of accessory glycosyl hydrolases. Numbers to the right denote % conversion of biomass into glucose for each enzyme.