Bioenergy Crop Engineering

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Aymerick Eudes

Director of Bioenergy Crop Engineering and Deputy VP of Feedstocks

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Chang-Jun Liu

Scientific Lead, Bioenergy Crop Engineering

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Sami Kazaz

Post Doctoral Researcher

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Anagha Krishnamoorthy

Post Doctoral Researcher

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Chien-Yuan Lin

Project Scientist

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Yang Tian

Research Assistant

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YunJun Zhao

Post Doctoral Researcher

Tailoring biomass composition in energy crops is critical to enable sustainable production of advanced biofuels and bioproducts. The Bioenergy Crop Engineering group focuses on the improvement of switchgrass, sorghum, and poplar to achieve this goal. We use synthetic biology to manipulate metabolic pathways and we leverage plant models to identify the most promising engineering strategies. Approaches include the modification of cell wall components such as lignin to facilitate downstream biomass deconstruction. Other strategies aim at producing important target chemicals in-planta to increase the value of plant biomass. In collaboration with the Life-cycle Economics & Agronomy Division at JBEI, the group evaluates the performance of engineered feedstocks under natural field conditions and their effects on plant-associated microbiomes. The group also determines the impact of the novel traits on the efficiency of biomass conversion in collaboration with JBEI’s Deconstruction and Biofuels & Bioproducts Divisions.


  • Develop novel approaches to reduce lignin content and/or modify its composition in biomass
  • Design metabolic pathways for the production of value-added chemicals in bioenergy crops
  • Engineer microbes for the synthesis of plant-specific metabolites

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