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Navigating an Ocean of Biological Data in the Modern Era

JBEI’s -omics data visualization tool, Arrowland, facilitates new scientific discovery.

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JBEI scientists explore novel enzyme for aromatic biofuel synthesis

In a Scientific Reports (Nature) paper entitled “In vitro characterization of phenylacetate decarboxylase, a novel enzyme catalyzing toluene biosynthesis in an anaerobic microbial community”, researchers at JBEI investigated an enzyme that could enable first-time biochemical production of the widely used octane booster, toluene.

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Using hydrogen sulfide and CO2 to drive production of renewable fuels and chemicals

JBEI scientists demonstrate a biological approach to convert nuisance chemicals in municipal wastewater treatment (sewage) plants into renewable fuels or chemicals.

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Scientists Harness CO2 to Consolidate Biofuel Production Process

JBEI scientists have shown that adding carbon dioxide gas during the deconstruction phase of biofuel production successfully neutralized the toxicity of ionic liquids. The technique, which is reversible, allows the liquid to be recycled, representing a major step forward in streamlining the biofuel production process.

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JBEI Scientists Unravel Omics Data Using Systems Biology-Based Workflow To Improve Biofuels Productivity

A workflow was developed to assess and interpret multi-omics data to characterize strain variation in biofuel-producing E. coli.

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Berkeley Lab Scientists Brew Jet Fuel in One-Pot Recipe

JBEI researchers use engineered bacteria to simplify biofuels production, potentially lowering cost

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JBEI Participates at EERE’s National Lab Impact Summit

The event took place at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden, Colorado

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From Near-Dropout to PhD, JBEI Scientist Now at Forefront of Biofuels Revolution

JBEI scientist Ee-Been Goh thrives on re-engineering bacteria and mentoring students.

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JBEI Researchers Participate in Lab-Corps Program Training

JBEI researchers are participating in two teams in this second round of training

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DOE-funded Bioenergy Research Centers File 500th Invention Disclosure

Three U.S. Department of Energy-funded research centers – BESC, GLBRC, and JBEI – are making progress on a shared mission to develop technologies that will bring advanced biofuels to the marketplace, reporting today the disclosure of their 500th invention.

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