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New Way to Reduce Plant Lignin Could Lead to Cheaper Biofuels

Aymerick Eudes and Dominique Loque of the Joint Bioenergy Institute (JBEI) led a study that shows for the first time that an enzyme can be tweaked to reduce lignin in plants. Their technique could help lower the cost of converting biomass into carbon-neutral fuels to power your car and other sustainably developed bio-products.

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JBEI Invention Leads to More Efficient Biofuel Production for Industrial Application

New Biosynthesis Pathways for Five-Carbon Alcohol from Mevalonate Are Available For Licensing

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Breaking the Xylose Bottleneck

Using renewable materials to produce biofuels is an overarching goal of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)’s Joint BioEnergy Institute (JBEI). Plants represent this renewable source since they can be broken down to sugars such as glucose and xylose that microbes can convert to a desired final product.

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One-Stop Shop for Biofuels

JBEI's Seema Singh and Blake Simmons led the development of a “high-gravity” one-pot process for producing ethanol from cellulosic biomass that gives unprecedented yields while minimizing water use and waste disposal. “High gravity” means high biomass loading - the higher the biomass loading, the lower the costs for converting it to fuels.

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JBEI and GLBRC work together to break down lignin and advance biofuels

JBEI and GLBRC are are finding ways to convert lignin from an undesirable byproduct into a starting material for advanced biofuels and other lucrative chemicals.

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Women @ The Lab 2015: JBEI’s Sarah Richardson among honorees

"Women @ The Lab" showcases some of Berkeley Lab's talented and dedicated employees in STEM and Operations.

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Seven Years of Biofuels Research: History of DOE’s BRCs

DOE’s three BRC's, JBEI, BESC and GLBRC co-authored a report on the first seven years of their research.

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Unlocking the Rice Immune System

Pam Ronald, Director of JBEI’s Grass Genetics program, led a study that identified a bacterial signaling molecule that triggers an immunity response in rice plants, enabling the plants to resist a devastating blight disease. In addition to being a staple food, rice is the model for grass-type biofuels.

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6 New Things Happening with Biofuels

In this article published at the Department of Energy's website, the latest achievements by DOE's Bionergy Research Centers, namely JBEI are highlighted.

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JBEI Debuts New Overview Video

After eight years of groundbreaking research, JBEI has rewritten the formula for engineering renewable transportation fuels.

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