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The story of ionic liquids

The development of ionic liquids, and the potential for a transformative impact on the cost and sources of renewable fuels, demonstrates why DOE created a clutch of integrated bioenergy research centers. In this feature article, Biofuels Digest covers JBEI's efforts in developing a new generation of ionic liquids.

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TED talk by JBEI’s Director of Grass Genetics Pam Ronald

Pam Ronald, JBEI’s Director of Grass Genetics gave a talk at TED2015 Truth and Dare Conference.

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Biofuel Proteomics: JBEI Researchers Use Proteomics to Profile Switchgrass

In a study led by Benjamin Schwessinger, a grass geneticist with JBEI’s Feedstocks Division, researchers used advanced proteomic techniques to identify 1,750 unique proteins in shoots of switchgrass (Panicum virgatum), a North American native prairie grass that is widely viewed as one of the most promising of all the fuel crop candidates.

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Enhancing Microbial Pathways for Biofuel Production

Researchers from the DOE JGI and the Joint Bioenergy Institute identified genes in an E. coli microbial metabolism pathway that could improve the production of terpenes.

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New Lab Startup Afingen Uses Precision Method to Enhance Plants

By manipulating a plant’s metabolic pathways, JBEI's Henrik Scheller and Dominique Loqué, have figured out a way to genetically rewire plants to allow for an exceptionally high level of control over the spatial pattern of gene expression, while at the same time boosting expression to very high levels.

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How Sweet It Is: New Tool for Characterizing Plant Sugar Transporters Developed at Joint BioEnergy Institute

JBEI researchers have developed a powerful new tool that can help advance the genetic engineering of “fuel” crops for clean, green and renewable bioenergy - an assay that enables scientists to identify and characterize the function of nucleotide sugar transporters, critical components in the biosynthesis of plant cell walls.

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