Jay Keasling to receive AIChE’s Doing a World of Good Medal

September 23, 2019

Jay Keasling, JBEI’s chief executive officer, will be awarded the Doing a World of Good Medal by the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) at their annual meeting on Nov. 10.

The Doing a World of Good Medal recognizes the achievements of an engineer whose work has had a positive impact on society and the world. Keasling, a pioneer of synthetic biology, will be recognized for his contributions to resource sustainability and human welfare, including a method for the inexpensive production of artemisinin, an antimalarial medicine. The award also recognizes his commitment to fostering secure and inclusive educational and working environments for people of all backgrounds.

“Dr. Keasling’s brilliant work, coupled with his passion to solve some of society’s most challenging global issues, has resulted in extraordinary advances in healthcare, sustainable fuels and the future of our environment,” said AIChE’s executive director and chief executive officer June Wispelwey. “He is a genuine example of AIChE’s ‘Doing a World of Good’ motto, and it is an honor to recognize him as this year’s medalist.”

Keasling is also a professor in the Departments of Bioengineering and of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at UC Berkeley. His research focuses on engineering microorganisms to produce useful chemicals. At JBEI, the Keasling Laboratory focuses on producing advanced biofuels and bioproducts using polyketide synthases.