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A Whole-Genome Sequenced Rice Mutant Resource for the Study of Biofuel Feedstocks

JBEI researchers create open-access web portal to accelerate functional genetic research in plants.

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JBEI’s Vy Ngo Awarded Grace Fimognari Memorial Prize

Ngo was a student assistant in JBEI Feedstocks Division.

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New Science Study Provides Further Insight Into Plant Cell Division

Study provides further insight into the actual mechanics of cell division in plants.

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JBEI’s Henrik Scheller Awarded 2016 Kaj Linderstrøm-Lang Prize

The award acknowledges JBEI’s VP of Feedstocks for his achievements in enzyme identification and characterization involved in synthesis and modification of the plant cell wall.

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New Plant Synbio Tool Breaks With Tradition

JBEI researchers develop efficient and affordable method for plant DNA assembly.

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JBEI’s Jenny Mortimer participates at annual meeting of the WEF’s New Champions

JBEI’s Director of Plant Systems Biology was one of 50 extraordinary scientists who was selected to participate alongside business and political leaders in the World Economic Forum’s Meeting of the New Champions.

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Unlocking the Rice Immune System

Pam Ronald, Director of JBEI’s Grass Genetics program, led a study that identified a bacterial signaling molecule that triggers an immunity response in rice plants, enabling the plants to resist a devastating blight disease. In addition to being a staple food, rice is the model for grass-type biofuels.

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