Request an Undergraduate Research Experience Position

JBEI is open to research position requests from undergraduates with a demonstrated interest in science and engineering. If you are interested in being placed in a JBEI lab and have your own funding or can receive course credit from your current school use this form to find a placement.

JBEI partners with other programs that help fund undergraduate research. Visit the SULI, CCI, Amgen Scholars, CCSF Bridge to Biosciences, or other programs at your school for more information about their application procedures. You may use this form to connect to a potential mentor for these programs.

If you are a high school student, consider applying for the iCLEM program. We do not regularly take high school interns except through Biotech Partners.

If you are a graduate student, post-doc, or scientist with your own funding, we encourage you to contact scientists directly. If you are looking for a paid position, please visit the JBEI jobs site.

Complete this form to request a placement. Note that a Gmail account is required in order to request a placement. You’ll need to be signed-in to your Gmail account in order to fill the form.