Spring 2017 Undergraduate Poster Session Held at JBEI

May 08, 2017

From left: Undergraduates students Nikit Paterl and Linda Xu (Fuels Synthesis Division)

JBEI’s spring 2017 undergraduate poster session and celebration took place on May 5. The participant undergraduate students are currently enrolled at UC Berkeley and were given the opportunity to work in lab projects related to JBEI’s research program.

As part of their internship at JBEI they had to either present a poster or oral presentation during their first semester and once every subsequent year in order to receive an “A” grade in their research course.

This year 21 posters were presented and the students did a great job in making the link between their internship research goals and the industry’s challenges.

From left: Mentor Laure Leynaud-Kieffer with undergraduate Irene Kim (Deconstruction Division)

The poster session included a competition. Maya Ramamurthy (Deconstruction Division) won Best Poster Design and Yvette Tran (Fuels Synthesis Division) won Best Verbal Presentation.

To learn more about research experiences at JBEI visit this page.

From left: Maya Ramamurthy, Deconstruction Division, winner of Best Poster Design and Yvette Tran, Fuels Synthesis Division, winner of Best Verbal Presentation.