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Aindrila Mukhopadhyay

Vice President for Biofuels and Bioproducts, and Director of Host Engineering

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Adam Feist

Scientific Lead, Host Engineering

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Deepanwita Banerjee

Post Doctoral Researcher

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Thomas Eng

Research Scientist

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Andrew Lau

Research Assistant

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Anne Kakouridis

Post Doctoral Researcher

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Ankita Kothari

Project Scientist

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Javier Menasalvas

Research Assistant

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Aparajitha Srinivasan

Post Doctoral Researcher

Microbes represent an inexhaustible source of beneficial chemicals and can use a range of carbon sources but, in their native state, most microbes only use a fraction of the carbon types and can produce only small quantities of these molecules. This is an important constraint to be overcome in the production of biofuels and commodity chemicals. Researchers in the Host Engineering Group use genomics and synthetic biology to optimize carbon utilization, the production of desired molecules in engineered microbes. Their goals are to develop microbes that can accumulate high levels of fuel products, tolerate inhibitory pretreatment byproducts and consume all forms of carbon in the biomass.


  • Bacterial hosts (P. putida, E. coli, C. glutamicum): Discovery and optimization of carbon utilization regimes, tolerance mechanisms for biomass-related inhibitors and final products to generate robust, scalable production platforms
  • Fungal hosts (R. toruloides, S. cerevisiae): Development of new tools and strategies to enable sophisticated strain engineering

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Featured Publications

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