Umakant Mishra

Deputy Director of Life-Cycle and Technoeconomic Analysis

Research Focus

Umakant Mishra is a soil scientist, who studies land use change impact on soil biogeochemistry. Using field observations, remote sensing and environmental datasets, and geospatial and process based modeling he quantifies anthropogenic and climatic impacts on the soil system. He has published studies on land use and climate change impacts on soil system, lifecycle analysis of bioenergy crops, spatial prediction of soil properties at regional and national scales, and benchmarking earth system model projections.


  • Coupling surface hydrology with biogeochemistry to predict biomass productivity, soil carbon change and greenhouse gas fluxes
  • Investigating bioenergy sustainability under future climate extremes
  • Studying engineered bioenergy crop performance under various land use and climate scenarios

Featured Media

“Soil sustains humanity”, OutLoud lecture series, Argonne National Laboratory, 2018

2017’s Top Stories from the Office of Science: “The Challenge of Estimating Alaska’s Soil Carbon Stocks”

Featured Publications

See Google Scholar profile for a complete list.