Manfred Auer

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Research Focus

Develop and apply methods for the physical characterization of plants and microbes at the nano- and meso-scale to better understand the effects of feedstock and microbial engineering. Develop and apply advanced imaging methods for the study of plant cell walls.


  • SEM and TEM imaging of plants, pretreated biomass or natural and engineered microbes
  • Monitor effects on feedstock biomass of cell wall re-engineering carried out with Feedstocks Division
  • Develop capabilities to image/map lignin abundance and distribution in genetically modified feedstocks
  • Develop capabilities for tag-based subcellular protein localization at optical microscopy and EM level (for plants and microbes)

Featured Media

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On the right is an Arabidopsis plant engineered to reduce the xylan content while preserving the structural integrity of its cell walls. It compares favorably to wild type plant on the far left. In the middle is a xylan-deficient mutant.

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