Jeff Dahlberg

Director of Agronomic Systems Optimization

Research Focus

Research area is plant breeding and germplasm expertise in Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench. Research focus includes taxonomy and distribution of sorghum, research on field based drought tolerant mechanisms, and overall curation of sorghum.


  • Cultivate sorghum test plots of engineered and wild-type lines, collect initial phenotypic data, including lodging and pest susceptibility
  • Review and plant sorghum line phenotypes and identify sorghum ideotype(s) for bioenergy and bioproduct production
  • Plant lines to explore natural sorghum variation, and JBEI lines under three irrigation regimes, full ET water, pre-flowering, and post-flowering drought stress and storage methods to be explored
  • Examine agronomic effects (e.g. harvest timing, irrigation, leaf/stem) on quality and yield parameters

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