Research Focus

Developing efficient and user-friendly data management and information systems to support the scientific community at the Joint BioEnergy Institute. The Informatics department’s primary goals are provide tools and services that enable researchers to capture, organize and archive their research data. In addition, Informatics provides tools to allow researchers to utilize internal and external analysis systems and to publish data to public repositories. Informatics is also responsible for hosting software required by, or built by, JBEI researchers and for managing all laboratory and individual workstations.


  • Implementing high-throughout Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)
  • Implementing a federated Electronic Lab Notebook system (ELN)
  • Implementing high-performance and storage-efficient universal backup software (JBack)
  • Implementing a unified system for managing JBEI’s organizational chart, mailing lists, seating chart, systems access controls, and asset tracking system (
  • Implementing JBEI Goal Management, a hierarchical goal-tracking system