Corinne Scown

Vice President for Life-Cycle, Economics and Agronomy and Director of Life-Cycle and Technoeconomic Analysis

Research Focus

Modeling the economic and environmental impacts of advanced pathways to bio-based fuels and products.


  • Environmental and cost impacts of feedstock-flexible biorefineries
  • Life-cycle cost and environmental impact assessment of ionic liquid-based biorefineries producing advanced biofuels and bioproducts
  • Matching local waste biomass resources with grid, industrial, and community needs in California for sustainable distributed generation through 2050
  • Enabling anaerobic digestion for municipal solid waste-to-energy
  • Quantifying the potential impact of engineering salt- and drought-tolerant feedstocks

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Scown was recognized with the “Early Scientific Career” award for significant scientific or technical contributions leading to important progress in an area of research or toward completion of a project (typically 0-5 years Postdoctoral).

Leaving on a Biofueled Jet Plane

Amit Gokhale and Corinne Scown were leaders of an EBI research team that developed a catalytic process for converting sugarcane biomass into a new class of aviation fuel and lubricant base oils. (Photo by Roy Kaltschmidt)

From Sugarcane to Jet Fuel

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Researchers Find Sweet Source for Aviation Biofuel

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Location Key to Calculating Biofuel Carbon Footprint

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Alumni Honored at 2014 CEE Alumni Awards Luncheon

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