Anup Singh

Director of Microfluidics

Research Focus

Anup Singh is the manager of Sandia National Laboratories’ Biosystems Research Department. His expertise is in biotoxin recognition, enzyme-based sensor development and proteoliposomes.

His group’s aim is to create specialized technologies to support the scientific research in feedstock development, biomass degradation, and fuel conversion for efficient conversion of biomass to biofuels. These technologies include high-throughput approaches for surveying enzyme diversity and screening of thousands of natural and modified enzyme variants.


Microfluidic and Array-based assays

  • Adapt electrophoretic glycan analysis to a commercial microfluidic instrument and demonstrate screening of GT and GH enzymes in 96-well format.
  • Develop a droplet microfluidic system for highly-parallel analysis. Demonstrate in this platform a) screening of multiple cellulose cocktails using insoluble biomass with Deconstruction and b) assembly of genes using multiple cloning methods with Fuels Synthesis.


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