Anthe George

Scientific Lead, Pretreatment Optimization and Process Integration

Research Focus

Anthe George manages the Biomass Science and Conversion Technologies department at Sandia National Laboratories. As a member of the Deconstruction Division’s Pretreatment Optimization and Process Integration team at JBEI, Anthe focuses on understanding the mechanisms of lignin breakdown under different environments, and the interactions between lignin and ionic liquids. A key focus area is investigation into the conversion of lignin to higher value products via chemical and thermochemical methods, and the development of new lower cost ionic liquids to enhance the economics of conversion.


  • Devise new lignin valorization strategies
  • Develop of new low cost biocompatible ionic liquids (ILs), and deep eutectic solvents (DES)
  • Create predictive tools for ILs and DES properties
  • Understand mechanisms of IL and DES-lignin interactions
  • Design integrated technologies for biomass to fuels and products

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