Alberto Rodriguez

Director of Pretreatment Optimization and Process Integration

Research Focus

Alberto Rodriguez is a microbial biotechnologist in the Department of Biomaterials and Biomanufacturing at Sandia National Laboratories. He has a background in strain engineering and received a PhD in Biochemical Sciences from the National Autonomous University of Mexico. At JBEI, Alberto has worked on the generation, characterization and microbial conversion of lignocellulosic hydrolysates from native and engineered feedstocks, implemented approaches to promote the biological valorization of lignin using bacteria and fungi, and engineered microorganisms to produce bioproducts. He currently works on developing biomass pretreatment and process integration strategies to improve the deconstruction and conversion of renewable feedstocks to biofuels and bioproducts.


  • Optimization of biomass pretreatment technologies to deconstruct native and engineered feedstocks and produce lignin for chemical and biological conversion.
  • Development of high-efficiency, scalable, and economical pretreatment solvent recovery and recycle methods.
  • Implementation of a Feedstocks-to-Fuels pipeline to generate high-throughput deconstruction and fermentation data.

Featured Publications