NSLC High School Biotech Students Visit JBEI

August 04, 2016

High school students taking part in National Student Leadership Conference’s Biotechnology program hosted at Laney College visited JBEI for a series of lab tours, bioenergy overviews and career explorations. A total of 164 students visited JBEI during four visits in July and August.

JBEI and NSLC have collaborated for the past three years to provide a STEM learning experience for students from across the country. Since 2014, 420 students have been given the opportunity to visit JBEI and go behind the scenes to learn more about bioenergy as well as explore what it takes to have a successful career in STEM.

These visits could not have been organized without the support of JBEI’s volunteers: Aude Aznar, Dominique Loqué, Ee-Been Goh, Jackie Blake-Hedges, Leanne Chan, Manasi Raje, Nurgul Kaplan, Peter Matlock, Peter Kim, Rochelle Urban and Tomas Laursen.

Check out the short video below produced by NSLC during one of the 2015 visits.

Photo credit: Bethany N. Bella