Keasling honored by Chalmers for his work on anti-malaria drug

March 11, 2015

Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden has appointed JBEI’s CEO Jay Keasling as honorable doctor for his significant contributions in metabolic engineering, in particular his work on developing a bio-based process for production of production of the anti-malarial drug artemisinic acid.

Jay Keasling is collaborating with the systems biology group at Chalmers and has been involved in building biotechnology research at Chalmers to the international leading positions it holds today.

Honorary doctorate from Chalmers University of Technology is given in recognition of a very prominent and profound professional performance associated with Chalmers subject-specific areas of expertise. A strong relation between the appointed an honorary doctorate and Chalmers should already be established. Honorary doctorates at Chalmers are appointed by the Chalmers Faculty Council and awarded at an annual ceremony, this year on May 9.
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