JBEI’s Inventory of Composable Elements (ICE) Tutorial Now Available

March 17, 2016

The public can learn how to use this free DNA/strains/seeds repository


ICEJBEI’s Inventory of Composable Elements (ICE) is a cloud-based freely open-source repository for DNA parts and plasmids, microbial strains, and Arabidopsis seeds with physical sample tracking capabilities. It includes features such as DNA sequence editing and annotation, auto-aligning sequencing trace files against reference templates, SBOL XML/RDF support, and web-of-registries functionality.

ICE is a core piece of JBEI infrastructure, and is important for the acceleration of JBEI’s science and reducing redundant efforts; preservation, both informatically and physically, of JBEI’s legacy in terms of the DNA/strains/seeds created to date and dissemination of post-publication information relating to JBEI’s DNA sequences/strains/seeds and JBEI technologies.

Training JBEI staff and the broader scientific community (external to JBEI) in the use of ICE is thus mission-critical for JBEI and for this reason online tutorials have now been released to help amplify the usefulness and impact of ICE worldwide. Beyond JBEI, the ICE platform already serves as a repository for other institutions such as the DOE Joint Genome Institute (JGI), Synberc, ACS Synthetic Biology, and a number of research institutions both domestically and abroad.

The tutorials are led by Nathan Hillson, JBEI’s Director of Synthetic Biology Informatics. The tutorials will be valuable in training new JBEI staff and broader scientific community how to access, browse, and search through JBEI’s published DNA sequences/strains/seeds. Three tutorials are available online with more expected to be released in the coming months.

To access the tutorials visit JBEI’s YouTube channel.

To access ICE click here.