JBEI participates at 2016 Solano Stroll

September 14, 2016

From left JBEI volunteers: Timo Schuerg, Kosuke Iwai, Phil Gach, Mi Yeon Lee, and Rochelle Urban

JBEI volunteers participated at the 2016 Solano Stroll on September 11. Organized by the cities of Albany and Berkeley in California, the Solano Avenue Stroll is the East Bay’s largest street festival with an estimated 250,000 participants visiting from all over the west coast.

Hosted by the Berkeley Lab, JBEI volunteers promoted JBEI’s mission and research, and answered the questions from many local residents who wanted to learn more about bioenergy.

We thank our volunteers for taking time to interact with the public: Mi Yeon Lee, Phil Gach, Rochelle Urban, Timo Schuerg and Kosuke Iwai.

JBEI’s Timo Schuerg and LBL’s Don Medley interacting with Solano Stroll visitors.