JBEI Holds Spring Undergraduate Poster Session

May 04, 2018

Undergraduates who have interned at JBEI this Spring participated at a poster presentation and celebration on May 4. The students presented results of their JBEI related research. Sixteen posters and two talks were presented to the JBEI community.

From left: Mentor Sam Curran with mentee Marian-Joy Baluyot, recipient of ‘Best Verbal Presentation’, mentee Ravi Lal, recipient of ‘Best Poster’, with mentor Amin Zargar.

The undergraduates were judged for their presentation and poster making skills. This year, two students from the Biofuels and Bioproducts Division won awards: Ravi Lal won for ‘Best Poster’ and Marian-Joy Baluyot won for ‘Best Verbal Presentation’.

The following students presented seminar talks:

  • Miranda Werts (mentor: Amin Zargar)
  • Joyce Luk (mentor: Megan Garber)

And the students below presented posters:

  • Angela Fang (mentor: Xi Wang)
  • Brenda Wang (mentor: Robin Herbert)
  • Brian Laus (mentor: Maren Wehrs)
  • Gianina Wicaksono (mentor: Megan Garber)
  • Irene Kim (mentor: Laure Leynaud-Kieffer)
  • Jadie Moon (mentor: Maren Wehrs)
  • Jennifer Gorman (mentor: Raphael Gabriel)
  • Jessica Wang (mentor: Amin Zargar)
  • Julie Lake (mentor: Sam Curran)
  • Marian-Joy Baluyot (mentor: Sam Curran)
  • Maya Ramamurthy (mentor: Connie Bailey)
  • Michael Doane (mentor: Blake Simmons/Carolina Barcelos)
  • Ravi Lal (mentor: Amin Zargar)
  • Reo Yamanaka (mentor: Yan Liang)
  • Ronald Kam (mentor: Jackie Blake-Hedges)
  • Will Sharpless (mentor: Mitch Thompson)