Introduction to Bioenergy Curriculum

Towards the fulfillment of a vision in which the nation continues to be at the vanguard of scientific discovery, JBEI has developed educational resources and experiences for students, teachers and the general public.

“PLANT POWER: Renewable energy for transportation”, a curriculum that provides an introduction to bioenergy, is one of JBEI’s educational resources available to students, educators and general public. This curriculum was developed by the Lawrence Hall of Science (LHS) in collaboration with JBEI, with funding from the Department of Energy.

Impact of the Introduction to Bioenergy Curriculum
Impact of the Introduction to Bioenergy Curriculum

The curriculum provides hands-on experiences in which learners engage as scientists and engineers to work together to determine how to make the best biofuel. The target audience is 4th through 8th graders.

The curriculum goals are:

  • Students will work in collaborative groups to use their combined knowledge to define biofuel engineering problems limited by material and resource constraints and develop possible solutions.
  • Students will understand the basic processes involved in creating biofuels through analysis and interpretation of biofuel data.
  • Students will analyze potential solutions focusing on biofuel yield and will compare solutions on the basis of how well each feedstock meets the specified criteria and how well each feedstock takes the constraints into account.

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