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JBEI Hosts Antioch High School Students for Mock Interviews

The students are part of the Biotech Partners program

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Crystallization Screen Created by JBEI Scientists Reaches the Market

The open source crystallization screen is available to the public.

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TEDx Talk by JBEI's CSTO Blake Simmons Now Available

The talk is entitled "A World Without Limits through Biomanufacturing of Carbon".

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DOE Under Secretary for Science Paul Dabbar Visits JBEI

Dabbar learned about JBEI's renewed mission

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All in the Family: Focused Genomic Comparisons

Genus-wide Aspergillus project by JGI and JBEI highlights new functional genome annotation methods.

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JBEI Partners with LanzaTech in New DOE Technology Commercialization Fund Grant

JBEI’s microfluidics capabilities will be used to carry out large number of biochemical experiments.

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To Find New Biofuel Enzymes, It Can Take a Microbial Village

JBEI-led study unveils new source of robust cellulases in compost

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Genome Research Challenges Previous Understanding of the Origin of Photosynthesis

JBEI researcher debunks speculation that anoxygenic photosynthesis evolved in Chloroflexi

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JBEI Researchers Improve Membrane Protein Expression And Function Using Genomic Edits

A systematic approach to generate superior host strains for strain engineering

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Congratulations to JBEI’s Berkeley Lab Director’s Award Recipients

Irina Silva and Patrick Shih will be honored on November 30.

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