Biotech Partners high school students intern at JBEI

August 14, 2015

JBEI partnered with Biotech Partners this summer by providing internships to three high school students. Biotech Partners mission is to educate underserved youth in the Bay Area with personal, academic and professional development experiences that increase participation in higher education and access to fulfilling science careers.

Nasim Mansoori and Lionadi The from the Loque lab mentored Makeda Nuruddin and Phoenix ‘Zoonii’ Kayler and Petzold lab’s Leanne Chan mentored Leo Labadie for an eight week long internship during which the students assisted in hands-on research projects in JBEI’s laboratories.

The students’ achievements were celebrated at “BRAVO!” a Biotech Partners annual celebration on August 13 at Oakland Technical High School, in which the summer interns participated at a science poster competition. JBEI volunteers Belle Smith (Biotech Partners alumna), CJ Joshua, Dominique Loque and Irina Silva were part of the panel of 34 judges who gave awards for “Best Oral Presentation”, “Most Creative Poster”, Most Educational Poster” and “Best (overall) Poster”.

JBEI’s interns were very successful this year with Makeda Nuruddin being awarded “Best Oral Presentation” and Phoenix ‘Zoonii’ Kayler being awarded “Most Creative Poster”. Both will receive an awards program from Biotech Partners.

Biotech partners event 2015 - Leo Labadie
JBEI intern Leo Labadie
Biotech partners event 2015 -Makeda Nuruddin
JBEI intern Makeda Nuruddin was presented with “Best Oral Presentation” Award
Biotech partners event 2015 - Phoenix Zoonii Kayler
JBEI intern Phoenix ‘Zoonii’ Kayler was presented with “Most Creative Poster” Award