The most abundant organic material on earth is lignocellulosic biomass or non-food plant fiber. JBEI’s mission is to convert biomass to biofuels. The goal is to provide the nation with renewable, carbon-neutral transportation fuels identical to gasoline, diesel and jet fuel. Unlike ethanol, advanced biofuels can be processed in existing refineries, delivered to existing gas pump stations and dropped into today’s engines.

Inside JBEI’s Emeryville laboratories, researchers are using the latest tools in molecular biology,  chemical engineering, computational and robotic technologies, and pioneering work in synthetic biology to transform biomass sugars into energy-rich fuels.

Our scientists and staff envision a future when cellulosic biofuels provide transformative advantages for our nation.

JBEI’s core values:

  • Advancing basic science for public benefit
  • Reducing the nation’s dependence on foreign oil
  • Safeguarding public health and the environment by curbing the effects of climate change
  • Reducing organic waste by transforming non-edible biomass such as corn stover, wheat straw, forest and crop residue into biofuels
  • Boosting the economy by creating jobs and growing clean industry
  • Keeping out nation at the vanguard of scientific discovery by providing educational experiences for students, teachers and developing future generations of scientists

Breakthroughs to fuel the world. That’s the JBEI mission in a nutshell.