Peter Matlock

Strategic Advisor for Aviation Fuels and Special Projects

Peter Matlock manages JBEI industry interactions and intellectual property, which includes setting JBEI’s strategic course for technology transfer and partnerships, negotiating licenses and collaborative research terms, and incubating startups.  With over thirty years’ experience in the Biotechnology Industry, Mr. Matlock has been active in entrepreneurship, business development and management, licensing and intellectual property, and financings.  Mr. Matlock co-founded three Biotechnology companies (Ventria Bioscience, Viridis, and Bioren), with the most recent acquired by Pfizer.  Mr. Matlock’s experience is in all applications of Biotechnology, with emphasis in Industrial and Agricultural Biotechnology as well as drug discovery/development and “-omics”.  His corporate experience includes Calgene, Seminis, Creative Biomolecules and Lipomics, and his technology transfer experience includes Stanford University’s Office of Technology Licensing and the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory’s Biomedical Division/Human Genome Center.  Mr. Matlock has an undergraduate degree in Economics with Honors from Swarthmore College and graduate degrees in Management Science and Engineering from Stanford University.